A different type of hosiery company

Dear Denier [di(e)r de’ni(e)r] was founded in 2012 by Danish Katrine Drost Lewinsky in an entrepreneurial spirit. Katrine worked 15 years in the fashion industry for several big fashion brands before founding Dear Denier.

The company has been growing ever since and recently Katrine’s husband Frederik Lewinsky quitted his job in the Danish financial industry to join the company and help realise what is now a family dream – to deliver sustainable quality products in cool modern design at fair prices.

We still consider ourselves a start-up. We are not a big company with many employees and huge marketing budgets. This makes us able to price our products better than many of our competitors. Meaning that you get more bang for the buck when it comes to quality.

We also take pride in being positive and welcome our customers and partners as family. It should be fun as well as mutual beneficial to do business with Dear Denier.

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Dear Denier size guide
For some of our tights we have three sizes and for some tights two sizes. Our socks come in two sizes and they are true to size. See below to find your size. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us. 
Our sizes range pretty far as we use stretchy materials and fabrication techniques that provides a snug fit even though you are in the periphery of a size. That is especially the case of the tights that come in two sizes. 


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