We know that one of the biggest issues when buying tights and lingerie is choosing the right size. The last thing we need is a product that's either too tight or too loose, too short or too long, falling down, nagging or even making us feel uncomfortable. That is why we have made these simple calculators and size charts to make it easy for you to find your perfect fit. And remember you can always return the products within 30 days (first order) if they are not perfect for you.

Our sizes range pretty far as we use stretchy materials and fabrication techniques that provides a snug fit even though you are in the periphery of a size.

Find the correct size of tights

Our tights come in three sizes. Use this size chart to find the perfect size for you.

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Find the correct bra size

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find your size here

Find the correct size of underwear

It's just as important to match your new bra with a pair of underwear with the perfect fit.

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