We aim to create societal value

Dear Denier's mission is to be a positive factor in society on as many levels as possible. We see our company as part of an ecosystem, where we can positively influence customers, suppliers, the community around us and the environment.

We create solutions that overcome the environmental and ethical challenges of modern hosiery production. Hosieries represent one of the greatest challenges in the textile industry; mass over-consumption, poor quality and heavily polluting production.

Dear Denier exists to bring about change that benefits the industry and society as a whole, merging fashion, science and decency. We use our company to promote diversity and build a community based on transparency, trust and a good heart.

100% handmade soap bar


A platform for Societal good - B-Corp

We want to use our business to create a better world by solving some of the challenges we face in relation to, among other, climate and social inequality.

It sounds grand, and to ensure transparency, we have undergone a demanding third-party audit and certification of our company and our efforts to become part of the global B Corp movement. This means that our work with sustainability and responsibility has been recognized and approved, even with one of the highest scores of all certified companies in the Nordics.

The B Corp certification is not only an extremely comprehensive certification, it is also a promise to not only be the best in the world, but the best for the world.

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Our approach is based on science and collaborations, with the mission of creating meaningful innovations for the global industry. We work closely with our suppliers and scientists in the field of technology and sustainability in order to push the current production practice in a direction towards a lower - or perhaps even a positive - impact. 

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A core value for Dear Denier is decency. Prudence lies in everything we do - our designs, the way we produce, the people we engage with, the society we live in and the resources we use. Our supply chain is based on honesty and trust, and we always choose the best practice available.

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Have high expectations

To us and our products. When we make hosiery, we are not going for the cheapest solution or the easier and faster way of production. We put careful thought and effort into creating the best possible products. We have high expectations for ourselves and our products - and you should too. We strive to push the boundaries of the industry and solve some of the biggest problems.

You can expect that our mission is not to sell as many products as humanly possible but rather to use our business as a platform for good in as many ways as possible. It is your right as a customer to know and understand what you are wearing and what you are buying into.

Feel free to ask questions and be critical - we want to hear from you. You can use the formular below.