Care guide

One way to consume more sustainably is to take good care of the things you have. Most hosiery, especially the patterned or low denier designs, are pretty delicate. But if you follow this guide for storing, wearing and washing hosiery, they will last longer, and you don’t have to save them for special occasions only!


Store your socks and tights safely

Your hosiery should be stored separately to your other clothing, since buttons and zippers or bra hooks can catch the fabric and cause holes or ladders. They are best kept in fabric bags and lined boxes, or simply in a plain drawer if its surface is nice and smooth.

Take care of your hands and feet

Most hosiery-wearers probably remember ripping a pair of brand-new tights on a nail that they didn’t notice was sharp or chipped. Make sure your fingernails are filed smooth, and your hands are moisturized to avoid ripping your hosiery. You can also give yourself a regular pedicure – dead skin on your heels and chipped toenails can damage hosiery just as easily!

When putting on delicate hosiery, wear gloves

You can ultimately wear gloves to avoid dry cuticles, chipped nails or a pointy manicure ruining your low denier tights or socks. This also counts when you take them off again. Any soft, smooth gloves will do the trick.

Put tights on carefully

First of all, remove any jewelry from your hands. Bunch one leg up all the way, then put that on your foot and slowly pull it to your knee and repeat with the other leg. Then pull them all the way up in the same manner. Don’t just yank the top of your tights if you need them to be higher - you risk breaking through the fabric with your fingers or pulling them out of shape. Simply roll them down to the knee and try again, this time gently pulling a little more.

Wear slippers or extra socks around the house

At home, you can wear slippers or extra socks over your delicate tights, if you’re not wearing shoes. This keeps your tights from wearing out under your feet or getting snagged on wooden floors.

Take off tights carefully

When you have to take off your tights, simply start at the top and roll them down gently. It is basically the opposite move from putting them on.

After wearing your hosiery

Put them into a lingerie bag or washing bag, and not directly into your laundry bin. This prevents them from getting ripped and snagged while they lie and wait patiently for laundry day.

Wash by hand or on a gently cycle

For your hosiery and the environment’s sake, you should wash your hosiery at low temperatures, not above 30 degrees Celsius. If you wash by hand, remember that it’s difficult for your hands to feel if the water is the right temperature, so rather go a bit colder than too hot. Use a washing bag if you wash them in the machine, so your tights and socks don’t get caught in the buttons and zippers of other clothes. We recommend you wash on a gentle setting. Most of the time, hosiery don´t need laundry detergent, but if you use it, pick an eco-friendly one.

Hang them to dry correctly

A tumble dryer is the worst thing you can possibly introduce your hosiery to. The heat will ruin the elasticity of your tights right away, and it wears out the fabric much quicker. Tights and socks alike should lie flat to dry on a drying rag, to avoid damage. Tights can also be hung carefully from the waistband with clamps. If you wash your hosiery by hand, don’t wring the water out, since it stretches the fabric out of shape. Just squeeze it a little.

When your hosiery is worn out

Simply send your worn-out nylon tights or nylon socks (from any brand) back to us, so we can recycle them through our Recycling Initiative. This way your old hosiery won’t have a negative impact on our environment – they will get a new life.