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Why Dear Denier


We put in massive amounts of time and effort to develop, design and test our products and we only select the best and finest materials so our customers can get great socks and tights that last longer and sit and feel good.


At Dear Denier we’re all about good taste, quality, and style. We love fashion and we appreciate the value of a nice pair of stockings and socks. We design our products with the aim of an elegant and yet simple look wearable for all occasions. 


We always strive to use sustainable materials and production methods as well as to limit our carbon footprint. The majority of our products are therefore OEKO-TEX® certified, and our Italian factories comply with applicable EU legislation on working and environmental conditions.

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    First time you order from Dear Denier we have a buy-try-return-policy free of charge of course. Not many other brands can offer the premium quality at the prices we do and we want you to test it for yourself.

Our OEKO-TEX® certified products

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Those tights names...

- I believe we are all different when it comes to choosing our favourite stockings - style, colour, material, and so on plays a role when we decide to put on a pair of stockings. That is why we offer a range of products so we don’t have to compromise what makes the difference to each one of us. All of our stockings are named after my girlfriends representing their distinct taste and style and come in various colours and materials.

- Katrine, owner and designer.

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