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The Lærke Eco Collection

We have litterally spent years developping these tights. 

First, we tested many different kinds of sustainable fabrics and when we finally found this specific recycled nylon - there was not a doubt in our minds. This was our choice of nylon - the quality is by far the best we have seen and felt.

Secondly, we tested numereous prototypes of tights in different designs with different features to meet the demands of the modern woman. Based on a dialogue with and input from many of our customers we tried to pin down what the usual pains are when wearing tights.

Rolling, pinching, loosing fit, itching, falling down, too tight, too expensive, rips too easily, were some of the most common issues. 

With this feedback in mind we designed the Lærke Eco. For now it comes in black and three different denier. We hope you like it.

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