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The inspirational friends series #1 - Rebecca

In the photo: My friend Rebecca and her dog Thierry, who is a street dog from South Africa.
My friends mean the world to me and they are the most important source of inspiration when I design new socks and tights. The fashion industry and the world around me is of course also an important factor in the final designs, however, I design products for real women and not the catwalk - they are meant to be worn and used in every day life. And my friends are a great benchmark for achieving this.
Katrine - founder, owner, designer


My Inspiration #1 - The story of Rebecca

My friend Rebecca is usually always happy - and her positive mind and beautiful smile as well as her cool style has inspired me to design and develop the Rebecca stockings - our classical nylon stockings in three different denier and two colours - made for every day use as well as for those special occasions where we feel like dressing up. 

Who is Rebecca? 

Rebecca is a Sales Manager for Helmut Lang and lives in Vesterbro - a hip neighbourhood in Copenhagen - with her boyfriend, one dog, three bonus children and a child on the way. Rebecca is almost always in a good mood! She is active and always has many things going on. She is very caring and as a family person she is always very hospitable and creating a warm atmosphere where she goes - everyone is simply welcome in her world.



Rebecca's style

To Rebecca good style is about being faithful to yourself. Her philosophy is that if you wear clothes you like - you automatically get a beautiful radiance. The latest is not always the smartest, and Rebecca always tries to see herself as her own style icon. She loves black and mixes different black materials and gets her inspiration from traveling to Paris, Milan, New York and London, where she gets to see the coming collections from high fashion brands half a year before anyone else. In addition, she is inspired by working in a showroom with amazing brands. Should she point to a style icon, the arrow lands on Victoria Beckham, who is always looking stunning, no matter what she's wearing.

The Classical stockings

The Rebecca stockings can be used for all occasions, because they are easy to style, says Rebecca. It's classical nylon stockings in really high quality that just sit perfectly - for me they work best with an a-shaped skirt, a big knit - and then some boots or stilettos in the evening. She also likes to mix and match the tights with some of the Dear Denier ankle socks and wear tights with socks on the outside. 


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Rebecca 100 denier - Dear DenierRebecca 100 denier detail - Dear DenierRebecca 40 denier - Dear Denier

Rebecca 40 denier detail - Dear DenierRebecca 20 denier - Dear DenierRebecca 20 denier detail - Dear Denier